United Kingdom, London

Terms and Conditions

Prices are quoted on the basis that passengers will be ready to travel at the booking time and waiting time will incur an additional charge. Quotations are valid for 24 hours for acceptance by the client. All reservations will be confirmed by the company by email or phone. There may be an additional charge if there is a deviation from the agreed itinerary, for example to drop a passenger off using the shortest route. Cash payments must be paid to the driver. The company reserves the right to make use of other PCO licensed companies to collect the passenger when necessary.

Collection from an Airport - Waiting time

The driver will be in the terminal to greet the passenger and will wait at the information desk in the arrivals terminal with a card bearing the passenger’s name. Thirty (30) minutes waiting time at the Airport from the actual booking time is included in the quotation. Should the driver be required for any reason to wait for longer than this thirty (30) minutes, an additional fee of £3.00 for every ten 10 minutes will be charged. This additional charge includes the cost of extended car parking. We will check for any expected flight delays and will not charge for this time. However, if the client misses the flight, the company must be notified immediately or at least 2 hours before the agreed time of collection or the full cost of the booked journey will be payable. The driver will monitor the information screens to follow the progress of the passenger through baggage collection and immigration and will wait a reasonable time for the passenger. If the passenger fails to make contact with the driver, the driver will put a call out for the passenger and will attempt to contact the passenger using the mobile phone number provided by the passenger at the time of booking. The driver will wait a further 20 minutes and may then leave and the passenger will be liable for the full fare. If the passenger arrives at the information desk of the airport and cannot make contact with the driver, the passenger should call the company for instructions.

Collection from any other address - Waiting time

When a pick-up is booked from a UK address other than airports, the driver will wait for up to ten (10) minutes after the arranged pick up time. The driver will attempt to contact the customer by telephone and by ringing any doorbell. After this time, the customer will be charged for the booking.

Carriage of passengers and luggage

The Customers contract for themselves and as an agent on behalf of any and all Passengers. The driver reserves the right to refuse inappropriate and/or excess carriage. The driver is responsible for the safety of the Vehicle and its occupants. Any passenger who is in a drunken state or whose conduct the driver reasonably believes to be threatening, disorderly, abusive, dangerous or in breach of any statutory regulation may be removed from a vehicle or prevented from boarding. The Customer will be responsible for the conduct of any Passenger and shall indemnify the Carrier for any damage or injury caused to the vehicle or driver or any third party's property by the Customer or any Passenger.

Passengers taken ill

The Customer will be responsible for the conduct of any Passenger(s) and shall pay for any loss and/or damage caused by the Passenger(s) to the vehicle or any other property, including but not limited to cleaning costs following any spillage or soiling of the vehicle and any loss of earnings suffered by the Carrier or any sub-contractor or employee of the carrier due to the vehicle being out of use during such cleaning.

Loss of Passengers' Luggage

The Passenger(s) shall remain responsible at all times for their Luggage and Personal Items and shall ensure that all their Luggage and Personal Items are loaded into the Vehicle prior to commencement of the service, and unloaded from the Vehicle upon completion of the Service. The Carrier accepts no responsibility for any loss of/damage to Luggage and Personal Items or consequential losses arising as a result of Luggage and Personal Items which are not loaded to or unloaded from the Vehicle.

Left Luggage

The only obligation of the Carrier in relation to any Luggage and Personal Items or other items left behind by Passenger(s) in the Vehicle upon completion of the Service shall be to inform the Customer that such Luggage and Personal Items or other items have been found, and when and where they can be collected from the Carrier.


The carrier will not carry any animals except for Guide Dogs accompanying registered blind Passengers.

Route taken

Unless otherwise instructed by the customer before the commencement of the service, routes taken will be (depending on road traffic and weather conditions) at the driver's discretion.